"Rude" (That's why you are single)

Rexburg, Idaho

October 25, 2010

"Grown up"
Some classmates were commenting about the party (a masquerade ball) last Saturday. One of them, Travis, told us that his wife assured him that it was the best date they ever had.

Then he told us that he left early because... "got annoyed about some people that were dancing, jumping like kids"

"It's time to grow up" he added.

The conversation continued like this:
me: "But they are [kids]...Right?They are what? 18-19 years old?"
Travis: "so?"
me: "So what?"
Travis: "My wife is 19, and she is already expecting a child!"
Me: "And who's fault is that?"
(awkward silence)

"Said what I said"
I think I understand why people say I am opinionated now. I didn't realize how wrong it was what I just said, until I said it.

I over heard a girl said "Rude"

Yes, it was politically incorrect to said what I said, and perhaps a little disrespectful and yes, rude. But in order to make the point I wanted to make clear I should say that, as I see it, if you decide to get married or have a baby when you are 18 (or so), it doesn't make you better, or special (nor less) than anybody else.

I didn't meant to attack him, I was just challenging his statement.

Some people would actually say that having a baby in early age would be making your life harder. Others would say you are being obedient (to culturally accepted behaviors*) or brave.

I say nothing.

*Culturally accepted: Meaning, towns and cities where religion influences a great part of the majority of society.

"War" (Singles vs Married)
There is an actual (quiet) battle about this issue. many people got offended when and LDS young couple were part of BYU-I archenemy, MTV's show Engaged & Underaged.

The truth is that, grammatically and socially speaking, if you are under 21 (or 25) you are considered 'underage.'

Perhaps my opinion is greatly influenced by the fact that I am from another country, and culture, but again, I am not
attacking anybody nor advocating anything, I was just challenging a statement.

"Be fruitful"

It's still funny to me to hear friends insist that I should get marry, and soon.

When I ask why, they seem to be confuse and startled about my question, (kind of feeling sorry for me)
And almost unequivocally,the immediate reaction that would follow would be a testimony of eternal marriage, blessings of marriage, and the commandment of "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it..." (Genesis 1:28)

And let not forget, that I am way pass being a "menace to society"

AAAAH pressure!

"No wonder you are single"

I am not saying I don't want to get married, or that I will never get married. I haven't met that one girl who would make me want to get married yet... I am just single right now... period.

This kind of reminds me of Steve Young's interview in 60 Minutes about this issue... "Mormons marry early and have lots of children. But Steve Young was still single. The star quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers is also the great-great-great-grandson of Brigham Young, one of the Mormons' early leaders."

Steve, at 34, said that he's looking hard for a Mormon "mate".

Steve Young: "Do you wanna talk about the pressure I feel? Brigham Young once said, right here on these grounds, that anyone over 27 years of age that's not married is a menace to society. So here's my grandfather telling me to get with it. You don't think that I feel the pressure? I guarantee it... I guarantee it."

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