"I told you so"

Rexburg, Idaho
October 16, 2010

"Wild Australian Horses"

It's not polite to say "I told You So" but lemme tell ya... I did... Remember when I introduced you to the band Brumby? Well I came across an article about them published on Universal On Line: Here are some extracts of that Interview:

Brumby: Music in a league of their own

By Amanda Taylor

- Thu, 09/23/2010 - 19:48


Growing up in Las Vegas, three cousins and their best friend became a music group known as Brumby.

Band members Spencer, Oliver and Tyler Tingey and Dylan Self will headline on Saturday night at a fundraiser for Youth Making a Difference, a local non-profit organization. With a blend of musical imagery and a desire to give off a classy vibe, they have a unique attitude in the realm of unsigned bands.

The meaning [of the word Brumby]

“The meaning [of the word Brumby] didn’t even matter to me,” BYU student Oliver Tingey said. He is the front man, the voice of the band.

“Other people are more interested in the meaning than we are. [It is the word for] untamable, wild Australian horses. But I liked the idea of having a word that people didn’t recognize so when they heard the name, they only associated it with us and not with anything else.”

"There’s no point in writing something that doesn’t speak to other people."

“We denied for a very long time that we were a band,” Spencer Tingey said. “We referred to ourselves as musicians with benefits. I think that signifies that we were making music for the sake of it and I think that’s what we will always continue to do.”

To read the entire interview, please visit Universal Daily

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