"The Real Orange County"

Rexburg, Idaho
October, 13 2010

“Laguna Beach”

In one of my classes I met a girl that, as part of a conversation, told that she grew up in Orange County... so some other girl asked "The real Orange County?"
She laugh, and said "yes... the real Orange County... I grew up in Laguna Beach"

Laguna Beach used to be popular because of some reality Show featured in MTV.

So I asked her if she knew the kids in the MTV’s reality show “Laguna Beach”

She said, “Yes.” Though she was younger than all the original cast of the show, she went to class with Breanna Conrad, Lauren Conrad’s little sister (who was part of the last season of MTV’s Laguna Beach: The real Orange County).

My classmate said that LC’s little sister was mean, and most of her class mates then are in rehab, with some sort of eating disorder, or some kind of problem. Funny.

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