Rexburg, Idaho
October 12, 2010

"New Roommates"
I am back to school! The weather has been great, kind of unexpected for Rexburg, but so far so good. (And maybe because I am mentioning this tomorrow will freeze up everything)

I have mostly new roommates, mostly because Derrick, the illustrator, is living with me again.

"Rock Star"
One of my roommates, Wesley (Who I call Rock Star) told me about his band. I usually am very reserved about friends’ bands… since they usually suck. (Yes, your band sucks; sorry… you know who you are!) But when I heard this one I was surprised… way surprised…

Surprised that they are not signed already, and that people don’t know about them.

Well, let me introduce you to Brumby. They're a group of 4 young musicians, all relatives, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.And they are all going to the mission soon, but listen to them... they are awesome.
Check out their Facebook page as well here and become a fan.

"Listen to them!!"

You can go here for a free download of their latest studio endeavor,

Watch their videos… give them a chance, they are good.


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