"My Website"

Rexburg, Idaho
September 30, 2010

“I have a website”

Maybe you didn’t know, but I have a website now… many people kept asking me to show them what I do, and some of them booked me to do some job for them so I improvised one (www.hernanbogado.com) I wasn’t sure for how long I was going to keep it.

So check out my website and tell me what you think!

"Working on it"
Well, Now I joined forces with Rodrigo Silveira’s talent and Capitol WebDesign council.

Eventually we will be working on a new website to be more dynamic and creative. (Check out their work: http://www.rodrigo-silveira.com, http://www.capitolwebdesign.com)

Also, My younger brother and I are kind of working in the Spanish version of it.

(Hopefully, both websites will be ready by January 2011.)

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