Salt Lake City, Utah
September 2, 2010

"Number 2?"
After Eating an extra large pizza from Pizza Hot and spending 25 minutes in the bathroom:
Dave: "Ogh! That pizza gave a number"
Me: "What?"
Dave: "That Pizza... gave me a numb..."
Me: "...I know what you mean, but what does 'gave me a number' means? What number? Number 2?"
Dave: "haha no, 'To give a number means...' Well, I don't know what it really means but..."
Me: "...So why did you use it?"

Dave: "What?"
Me: "Why did you use that phrase if you don't really know what it means?"
Dave: "Because..."
Me: "...Because?"
Dave: "Because!!! Because it means..."
Me: "...Yes?"
Dave: "...F*** You!"
(The end)

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