Public Transportation

New York, NY
May 9, 2010



I woke up early to go to a job interview and an appointment in midtown.

Problem A: I had no good clothing for the interview. Since I was going to my friend’s wedding I did have a suit but I didn’t want to be in a suit all day long…

Problem B: I had no money left. Most of this trip was already paid. I took a chance and came to the east coast with out money. Most of the things I did were free or really cheap (Or I was invited to--).

Though Public Transportation in New York is very convenient, it is relatively expensive. ($2 each time you ride the subway)


So, I decided

A) To call ahead to the interviewers and explain that I was just visiting and that I didn't really had good clothing for the interview. They said it was ok...
B) Get a subway pass... and walk, walk as much as can.

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