"Liberty Island"

New York, NY
May 10, 2010


"Post-9/11 Paranoia"

The security in the statue of liberty was impressive.

I guess after 9/11 "everything changed," for starters, they didn't let people go to the crown anymore, so I am being one of the first "lucky" ones" who are allowed to go up there. So maybe the so call 'Post-9/11 paranoia' is passing now, but it's definitely still evident.

Check Points

Check point 1: Check tickets.

Check point 2: Standard Airport security before going to the ferry that would take me to the Statue of Liberty Island.

Check point 3: Nothing but a camera and a phone was allowed to take to the crown of lady liberty, so I needed to put all my stuff in a locker.

I was surprised to learn that the keys to open the lockers were your fingerprints!

Check point 4: Ultra secured machine that detected any kind of biological threat. I missed the sign that said NO PICTURES ALLOWED in that room...and as soon as my camera shot i had 3 people around me asking me to delete that picture!!

There were Police officers everywhere. I think the statue of liberty was pretty secured.

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