"Fifth Avenue" (Uptown)

New York, NY
May 9, 2010

"The Rich of New York"

Close of Jon's Apartment was the Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue (The Uptown Section) I was going to spent the day in Central Park, and I had a Job Interview later that day in the other side of the park (Upper West side)

(The very rich of New York live in Fifth Avenue between Fifty-ninth Street and Ninety-sixth Street, the stretch where Fifth Avenue faces Central Park. Entries to the park include Inventor's Gate at Seventy-second Street, which gave access to the park's carriage drives)


On my way to Central park I saw many photo-shoots with huge productions crew. Normaly, in Cities like Salt Lake City, or even Buenos Aires, curious people would gather and see, however New Yorkers seemd not to care at all.

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