“‘Strongly disagreed’”

Somewhere in Maryland & Delaware
May 6, 2010

We packed up our beach stuff and headed to Delaware's beaches.

On the road we had a lot of time to catch up and talk about politics.

Doug is pretty much always interested in knowing more and more about any kind of political issues.

Before there was only US’s news but now, also Argentina’s news. (Since he spends more time there than here)

Since there was all over the news we started talking about a new law that the congress is debating to pass or not in Argentina about a controversial issue.

I strongly disagreed with his views. But most people disagree with me so I knew he would too.

The funny thing (to me) was that he would also ‘strongly disagreed’ with me disagreeing with his views on the issue. At one point he got really pensioned about trying to convince me that I was wrong.

That would pot me on the defense mode so any argument at that point was pointless.

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