Jersey City, NJ
May 8, 2010

“Jon" (My study buddy)

From far away I could see the top of the Empire State building… and suddenly I got scared.

I have several friends who are living in New York. I made plans to stay with Jon, who had an apartment in the upper east area of Manhattan.

I haven’t seen Jon in years… I met Jon in Brigham Young University when I was trying to learn English for two years. He was Jon my "study buddy" (That's how the program at BYU called us.

He went to Chile for a couple weeks and I insisted that he must go visit Buenos Aires. He stayed with my family for a couple days and according to him, he loved it.

But we didn’t really keep in touch until I asked him if I could stay with him when I visit New York.

I got spoiled by my friends in Washington DC, so I got used to everybody being generous and nice to me. So I was a little scared that Jon wasn’t going to be as nice as everybody else so far.

I texted him the location where the bus was going to drop me off, and since this was my first t in the city I was expecting him to come pick me up. (I guess I had a lot of expectations, and at the same time I didn’t know what to expect)

He texted me back telling me what subway to take and how many blocks walk to his apartment.

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