"Washington Monument"

Washington, D.C.
May 4, 2010

To the top

I couldn’t get tickets to enter either to neither the Pentagon nor the White House, but I didn’t really care about that. When we went to the Washington Monument James told me that one could go to the top of it.

Of course to get tickets one had to reserve it like 6 months in advance. (I did have tickets 4 months in advance to go to the top of the statue of Liberty! Yay!)

James asked the guard for a second and he let us go since that was the last tour guide and one group (with reservations) didn’t showed up.

So we got to go to the top of the Washington Monument!

When we were stepping outside we saw a group with tickets in their hands arrive to the door. And we also saw the guards telling them that they are too late, and their disappointed face…. Thank you group for being late… It was awesome!

"Chinese tourist"
We saw this Chinese tourist looking guy doing the “typical” expression that tourist do in front of building that simulate that one is holding the building.

I started doing it in front f every monuments or building I saw.

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