Old Town Alexandria, Virginia
May 3, 2010

"Old Town"
After a long day we decided to meet James' wife for dinner in Old Town Alexandria, in Virginia. I saw many Gosth tours in the city. I liked this place.


James Wolff and I had a great time in the mission and his wife wanted me to tell her funny stories about him.

I started saying… “That this happened more than 10 years ago, so I don’t know if he would remember anymore… but when we were companions Elder Wolff and I used to “debate” about pretty much everything.

One time, a disagreement for the meaning of one word made us both so mad like ever before. That word was…

James, annoyed, interrupted me saying… the word was ‘typical’…

We all laughed that no only he still remembered, but he still got annoyed about that…

One day we were going to an appointment and I was telling a funny story that heard about Miss Argentina who, when asked what the typical food in Argentina was, she replied that was ‘spaghetti’.

So instead of a laughing reaction he said… well spaghetti IS the typical food from Argentina.

SO the argument started. Well if Spaghetti was the typical food from Argentina why that response was a laughing matter? And what food was typical from Italy then if spaghetti was from Argentina.

What about Asado or empanada?
Typical means coming from?
Typical means more common?

Anyway one thing lead to another, and name calling came to the conversation, he pushed me, I pushed him… it was an ugly situation.

Now though it is a funny memory.

Typical according Dictionary 1: Representing something by a form. (Ah! I was right! Spaghetti does not represent Argentina at all.! As an Argentina I would know)

Typical according Dictionary 2: Qualities or characteristics that identify a group or kind. (He was right? We do eat a lot of spaghetti in Argentina, as someone who is visiting Argentina, he would notice)

Anyway... this trip have just started!

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