"plebes-no-more" (USNA)

Annapolis, Maryland
May 5, 2010

Before we left Annapolis and the USNA, James showed me the Herndon Monument which is the site of the famous "plebes-no-more" ceremony.

This traditions is where the plebes (first year students at the academy) all work together to climb the greased monument and replace a plebe "dixie-cup hat" on top with a combination cover. This is the official end of the plebe year.

(It is a Naval Academy tradition that the Midshipman who replaces the dixie cup hat will be given a pair of Admiral's shoulder boards. Legend says that he or she will be the first of his or her class to make Flag Rank, although in reality this has not yet occurred.)

*The Herndon Monument on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy is a tall grey obelisk. It was erected in memory of Captain William Lewis Herndon who courageously decided to go down with his ship, SS Central America, and the men left aboard rather than save himself on September 12, 1857. All women and children and many of the men aboard were saved by a nearby ship during the storm.(Wiki)

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