Not a Mormon

Washington, D.C.
May 4, 2010

James told me that the missionaries tried to come visit him once in a while. They are super busy so some times it’s a little awkward when the missionaries try to come often.

But there are not many LDS people in that area so that pretty much the only thing to do in the area.

That make me thinking how hard would be to be LDS and live in a place where none are. (Especially for a single dude like myself)

I grow up on a place where religion wasn’t an important issue when choosing someone whom you want to marry to. Maybe perhaps they were all mostly Catholics… so the norm was to marry walking the aisle on a fancy catholic cathedral. (Like my friend Fernanda in Argentina, who married an Indian and even thought none of them were Catholics, they married on ‘fancy Catholic Cathedral)

When I joined the Mormon Church I pretty much have to learn a new way of being where the common things that I grew up with were not common anymore.

I heard so many times that people told me not to marry someone who is not LDS. I took that advice as a doctrine. I new myself and I knew that it would be harder for me try to think as important things that are not important for most people… since it is hard for me to consider them important now.

I am starting to think that was wrong al this time. But I am still not sure.

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