“"Navy's attitude"” (USNA)

Annapolis, Maryland
May 5, 2o10

"United State Naval Academy"
We went to visit the USNA (United State Naval Academy) in Annapolis, Maryland… which is where Wolff graduated from. We got to see the first capitol building in the nation and tons the “marineros” walking around.

USNA is free and one of the best Universities in the nation, but also one of the hardest ones.

We saw this navy student walking with an unintentional smile on his face. He walked straight, firm, and with confidence…

So James said that he could tell that that student was having fun on the school. He said “Attitude is everything here…”

He explained that if one doesn’t make the best of it, this place will eat you alive… “like that kid” he said pointing another student that was walking close to us.

He was walking slowly with his head down and his back curved to the front like trying to hide from us. I noticed his eyes full of melancholy.

The contrast between this kid and the other were so far apart that it was hard not to understand James point abut attitude.

“That kid is not having fun here… he might be beaten up every day… who knows” James added.

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