"Argentina is throwing a party"

May 22, 2010
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is celebrating its 200 years since the revolution that led to the nation’s independence. (Fascinating story btw that I won’t be able to tell, so if you are curious look it up on Wikipedia)

Besides the beauty of the region and the friendly culture, these celebrations are the main reason to head down to Argentina this week. Yes it’s cold right now, but believe me, if Argentina is throwing a party, you want to be there.

All major restaurants are offering special deals to celebrate the bicentennial. I don’t want to sound arrogant when I say that Argentina’s food is amazing, but it is, so for that alone should make you fly over there right away.

Along 9 de Julio Avenue (Largest street in the World…) will be installed 72 food stalls spread over all provinces, social organizations and various communities (Italian, Russian, Japanese, Jewish and Bolivian, among others). Each one of them will provide samples of their regional food and culture.

History? Anyone?
All the historic buildings and monuments were remodeled for the occasion. The entry is free, and they are having special activities and expositions in each one of them.

They also have new monuments and you might also be able to have a look of the construction site of the new mega monument scheduled to be finished on 2016 (for the 200 years of freedom)

(The “Freedom Act” that pretty much led to freedom to most of South America.)

Mega Military parades almost every day! Free flags and escarapelas in every corner.

Free hot chocolate and a lot of people.
The Bicentennial Parade on May 25th will cover 20 blocks of Buenos Aires’ downtown (2 kilometers: 1.2 miles) with 2400 performers.

Normally May-August is low tourism season. Not this year. You might say, oh I don’t want to deal with tourist… That’s something that locals can say, not you. When tourism demand becomes hot more fun things to do become available.

Free concerts from famous Argentine performers every night!

Free Transportation
For the Bicentennial, the Government's initiative will allow people to travel free on bus, train and subway Tuesday May 25th between 11:00 and 00:00. The services work with the normal frequencies on weekdays.

Not a City person?
Every single province is having a major celebration, of cours Buenos Aires being the largest one. However, if you are not someone who enjoys being among too many people, you can go see an unexpected event: Whales.

Although Franca Austral whale season will officially open in June, the city of Puerto Madryn, in Chubut province, started to have these unexpected visitors who came early to maybe be part of the Bicentennial. The whales are able to be seen from the coast!!

Too far? What about DC (on the US)
Well al the major museums inWashington DC are also celebrating Argentina’s bicentennial with giant events and expositions. So ig you can’t afford to head south, head up to the US capital city.

What about China?
For those who are in the orient. China is commemorating the World Expo and this week is dedicated to Argentina. SO go to the Argentina pavilion or check the Expo events for more dilates.

Germany: Frankfurt Book Fair 2010 made Argentina a guest of honor, and 300 Argentine books and several others about Argentina were translated and showed in exhibit.
Holland will host a parade to honor Argentina.

Many other countries in Europe are having events celebrating the centennial, so if you are in Europe, look it up!

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