"MLT April fools Award 2010"

April 2, 2010

"You fools"
Some April fools' jokes around here were kind of silly, like making all the computer-mouses un-usable... or saying that someone was engaged, but they weren't...or KSL.com had its logo backwards... those are all silly little things... but... every year, on April 1st, people here (Utah) really put time and effort to get the fools pranked...

Famous previous MLT AFA winners were "Snoop Dogg is a Mormon," by CNN; The penguins can fly, by BBC London; and "Malvinas son Argentinas" by Argentina's 1982 media and Government. (The Malvinas joke was intended to be said with a sarcastic tone, commemorating the 'dia de las Malvinas' where Argentina remembers those fallen in Islans Malvinas' or Falkland Island's war against England in 1982. AND we are not, in anyway, trying to be disrespectful or funny about the war, the vistims, the culture believes, Argentina, England, etc. )

"The finalists are"
From all this year's many jokes, this are the best ones competing for the best MLT April fools prank:

"Boxed in," by Todd Hawkins (from Cottonwood Heights, Utah): "I tried to look out the sidelight window, and it was all dark," Todd's father said. "So I opened the door, and I saw a brick wall."

"Topeka" & and the missing vowels," by Google: People thought that the Google's joke was the fake story that the city of Topeka changed its name to the city of Google, and vise versa. But soon they discovered that the real joke was that googlers couldn't find the way to use vowels at all.

"The bathroom is a gift, treat it like one," by Rachel S' sister: She walked in to her bathroom to found a rapped surprised.

"Illegal Immigrants will be treated as human beings," by Barak Obama: Before he was elected he promised to work hard to help the almost 20 million of illegal immigrants to... you know, do something about it... so all pro immigrants voted for him. And he won. Rumors started running around saying... "It's going to be easier to become a citizen!," "If you graduate from a University will be easier to become a Citizen," and "All the illegals will become Legal..." Time passed, nothing happened. Last week of March, the biggest manifestation to ask the President to remember his promises was held all around the country... a week later states laws against illegal immigrants are tougher than ever and now police can stop anybody who even look immigrant.

"The spongy brownie," by Vaughn A.: Fake Chocolate brownies was the main joke at the office today. It was so funny to see the excitement of the people when they thought they got to have a piece of that tasty looking brownie on the counter... and even more hilarious is to see the face of disappointment and embarrassment when they bite it and find out that they've been fooled with a sponge.

"Brigham Young University Buenos Aires" by Hernan B.: OK, it wasn't an actual joke, but people took it like it... jerks.

"And the Winer is..."
The best MLT April fools Award winer goes to.... Chan Chan (Trumpets sounds)... "The bathroom is a gift, treat it like one,"


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