Internship (Week Ten)

November 15, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT

"Mormon Channel"
The Church has a radio now. Many people thought that they already have one, but no, Mormon Channel is the only official radio of the LDS Church ( (KSL Radio is owned by the church but it does not represent the church)

"Thinking of a slogan"
I was talking about some work I was doing for the voice recordings at the Conference Center to the director and producer of Mormon Channel. They commented me that they were thinking of a slogan for the radio... She said, "We are thinking of Listen Up"

I remained in silence (I thought she was talking about a link that they push that says "Listen Up" or something)

But then she expleined that it was for a slogan..."It's like Listen... Up," and then she pointed up...

I thought it was so clever, and I loved it. But to understand it, you kind of have to read it with a pause after Listen.

Listen Up means to Listen, Listen... Up, means LISTEN... UP... I still think is clever.

"My voice (good for the radio)"
I was called to work for the radio and recording productions. I made sure that the voice actors were on time and that they were comfortable before their time to record their voices on the recording studio (at the Conference Center).

Those days were long. They also asked me to be the voice of a young missionary, but I don’t think that my accent make my voice good for the radio recordings.

Later that week though I was called by Mormon Channel, the radio station of the Church, to record some messages for Christmas. It took a long time because of my accent.

At one point the producer asked me to repeat after her the entire script, word by word, the way she said it to... get rid of the accent.

When editing, they decided that the one with my original accent sounded better. Yay!

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