Internship (Week Eleven)

November 22, 2009
Salr Lake City, UT

"Elder Russell M. Nelson"
At the end of last week I was asked to transcribe nine DVDs with all the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotionals from 1984 on it. I was asked to transcribe them all! That was the first time that I wasn’t looking forward to do something they’ve asked me to do. Nine DVDs!

Then I asked my friend, that was working for the text editing of the Ensign Magazine, if she new who had the archives for the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotionals, somebody had to have done the transcribing before I thought.

She told me to talk to the Archives office of the Church Magazines. From that office I was led to the History Department of the Church. There we could find some but not all.

So I was led to talk to the First presidency secretary who was very kind. She found most of the talks I needed beside a talk given by Elder Russell M. Nelson. So I called his secretary and asked her to help me find that talk.

She had a hard time finding them so she told me to come to the apostle’s office to show her the DVD.

When I got there Elder Nelson himself asked me to walk into his office and show him the DVD. He didn’t really believe that he would have spoken on a Fist Presidency Christmas Devotional.

I showed him and then he remembered, he looked on his record and found the talk.

He joked a little with me in Spanish and then I left. When I left the building I realized that I made an apostle look between his papers so I wouldn’t do my job.

I worked a lot of hours that week tracking talks instead of transcribing as I was asked to do, but at the end of the week I got all the talks we needed being transcribed already transcribed by their original speakers. (Of course I had to check them anyway to see if they’ve actually said what they wrote on their talks, but still… I saved a lot of time and consequently, I saved money to the Church)

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