Internship (Finale)

Salt Lake City, Utah
December 2009 - April 2010

I can’t believe how fast this time went. I was offered a Producer Assistant position here for when I am done with the internship. I loved my time here and I am excited to keep working for the Church.

I Loved working taking pictures in the temple, and organizing events, and interviewing people for Mormon Channel.

My internship thought me patience, perseverance, and made me realize that I do belong here. I worked with amazing people. But I think what I learned the most is that, from now on whatever I go; BYU Idaho comes with me also.

A lot have been said about Brigham Young University-Idaho, even by me. People always mention when talking about BYU-Idaho, the rules of the school, the weather of the area, the remoteness of the University’s location, and it's all true, being a BYU-Idaho student requires a lot from you.

I think I understand why now. And it's funny that it's being away from the school that I've come to such realization. The minute I stepped out of Rexburg, the name of the School came with me. When I applied for jobs, or I was being introduced to someone my title was 'a BYU-Idaho Student.'

I think the Heavenly Father brought me here for a reason, a reason beyond my understanding. The mission of the school is to train future leaders of the nation (and why not, the world). This internship showed me that it is possible for me to fulfill that mission, that I am here for a specific reason an that I am capable of doing what ever is it that the Lord wants me to do…

(BYU-Idaho Promotional Video from BYU-Idaho on Vimeo.)

Being a leader is not easy and requires a lot from you and now more than ever is when I want to believe on the 'over-used' phrase that says “I didn’t say it would be easy, I said it would be worth it...”
I am not done yet, so… Well, we'll see

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