Internship (Week Three)

September 26, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT

"Take pictures...inside the temple"
This week I was a Photographer Assistant. My first job was in the Salt Lake Temple.
The Church is creating a sort of replica of the Temple to exhibit in the Salt Lake’s Temple Square Visitor Center.

In order to do the replica we needed to take pictures of every corner inside the temple, even in those places that nobody ever enters.

"Sacrifice and work"
I remember I heard President Gordon B Hinckley talking about a room in the temple that nobody uses.

He mentioned that the pioneers knew that that room wasn’t going to be seen by many people, but still they made it beautiful because the temple wasn’t for people to admire, it was built to be the house of the Lord.

Well, I got to see that room. I got to see all those small details that President Hinckley was taking about. The room is sort of small, very white, and completely empty.

Still, it’s beautiful.

We also went to the Temple’s roof, and the room where Elder James E. Talmage wrote “Jesus, The Christ.”

But my favorite and most exciting room was the main tower.

We had to climb a really long, skinny and scary ladder to a small hole that would take to the base of the main tower. Then we had to walk carefully on the original old lumber.

Those towers are tall and dark. It started raining when we were there and we could hear the thunder as if we were outside.

Right below where the statue of the Angel Moroni is standing there’s a sort of machinery that makes the statue stay steady, though it continually moves because of the wind.

What it really called my attention was the tools marks that the pioneers left graved on those huge bricks.

You could see in each brick, hundreds of small marks, each one of them representing the sacrifice and work they made to build this Temple.

How lucky I am to be able to say that I experienced that?

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