Internship (Week Seven)

October 25, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT

This week I worked from Monday to Saturday, 12 hours a week. And I loved it.

I was assigned to be a producer Assistant again. This time it was for two productions.

One was a three day photo shoot production at a Deseret Industries Store in West Jordan, and the other one was on some member’s home and on a Stake Center also in West Jordan.

My role was to make sure the photographer had anything he needed, that the models were on time and ready for the shoots.

I also was asked to make sure that the models or the background weren’t showing brands or logos. I guess I did my job so well that I got to be know the Logo Nazi by the clients.

Better to be sure now that everything is OK than find out later that we need to re shoot the entire production because of Logos. That would be very bad.

I also prepared the Clothing changes and set up the studio.

I worked well with the photographer, Weston Colton (Who specializes in skateboarding culture photography... I think)

For these the production provided a car for me that I got to use for almost two weeks.

This wouldn’t be a big of a deal if it wasn’t for the fact that I haven’t driven a car since I got my driver License... a year ago.

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