Internship (Week Nine)

November 7, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT

I was asked again to be a model. This time I represented a missionary. I wasn’t sure if I could look like a 19-21 year old missionary. I was a little nervous the entire photo shoot.

The pictures though turned to be OK. Apparently I do look like a younger person when I put my missionary name tag on my suit.

This is the finished job: PROVIDENT LIVING

Translations and transcribing
I was asked to do something unusual. I was asked to translate many interviews from Spanish to English and transcribe form Spanish to Spanish, which wasn’t hard at all, so I did it fast. The problem when you do something fast is that the producers give you more of the same thing.

They started giving me English translations. That’s not that easy.

Something I noticed transcribing is that we, in general, do not speak clear at all. We fill our sentences with “Hum”, “like”, “so”, among other fillers. And we forget to actually make sense.

We also, some how, make sense using “You know,” it’s like we don’t really have to keep taking because we assume that the other person does know what we are talking about.

That doesn’t work when selecting dialog on video productions so that’s why it is so important to transcribe everything is filmed on interviews and talks.

Interesting huh?

Hum, it’s like… you know?

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