Internship (Week Five)

October 10, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT

Dead line
This was the dead line for all the kids to handle in their contracts so we could use their images on the DVD.

We didn’t even have half of them back yet. It was very stressful because I still had so many names on my call list, but no phone numbers.

So what I did to solve that was call some Stake Presidents and Bishops and ask them to go to these kids’ houses and ask their parents to sing blindly this contracts (that were written in English). Then they had to scan them and e-mail them to us as soon as possible.

Some members couldn’t spell their own names or they wouldn’t know what an e-mail was. However they were really nice and prompted to do all they could to help.

I asked this lady if she could spell her name for me so she said, Yes, A of 'Air'... L of Lime... E of Plate... (?)

Friday night was the dead line, and I stayed until almost 10 pm making calls.

We still had many names (contracts) missing.

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