Internship (Week Eight)

November 1, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT

"I can still pull of 21"
This is my second week as a Producer Assistant at a photo shoot production. I might have been doing something well because they keep calling me.

This week was a little easier than last week, maybe because I already knew what to do and I felt more comfortable being a Logo-Nazi.

A funny thing that happened this week though was that one of the models didn’t show up so I was asked to step in and cover for him. I supposed to represent a recently returned missionary!
I felt flattered that the producers thought I could still pull off a recently return missionary when in actually I finished my mission so long ago.


I had lunch with an old friend... Isaac.

Every time we see each other we say the same thing (Every time!) "We should do this more often" (and then never again)

Face maker
Many of the models were volunteers so they were having a hard time to make the expressions that we needed.

So I stepped behind the camera and started doing the faces they supposed to be doing. That saved us time and the photo shoot when quicker. From the time I started to do this my only role in the productions was to be a “Face maker.”

So, to sum-up, I am “Brand-Nazi Face-maker”

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