The Little Mermaid's Teachings (Reality vs Fairy Tail)

In this famous' 1837 fairy tale story (by the Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen) the princess gave up her beloved family and her comfortable life when she runaway to follow this guy who she saved from drowning.

The Little Mermaid also gave away her most prized possession, her voice, so she could walk and be with him (Painful process btw). This is the kicker though, every time she walked, for every step she'd make, it would feel as if she "were treading upon knife blades so sharp that blood must flow," (PAIN) But still she would walk with him, and dance with him.

Because of this “runaway affair” her dad, grandma, and her sisters were suffering a great deal of heart pain, so her sisters (all 6 of them) sold theirs most prized possession, their beautiful hair. They dido make possible for the little mermaid runaway to come back home.

Though she did got a kiss from the guy that she madly loved, he was not that into her, and part of the deal when she sold her voice to get legs was that if the dude married some other chick she would die the morning after that wedding. So she died the morning after the guy got married.

She sacrificed everything for his mad love, and she got nothing but pain for those who did love her. The guy never found out all she did to be with him.

Worst fairy tale story ever or what?

Moral of the story: ?

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