Argentine Pride?

"...A few generations after independence, and particularly after recent immigration, most Argentines began to see themselves as purely Argentine out of pride in their new developing nation." (Wikipedia Spanish_Argentine)

Let's... Let's take a minute here, and let's us go around the globe with a stereotypical Argentine... shall we? Seat tight, use your seat belt, relax and... Enjoy the fly!

The World According to Argentines

Alaska: USA's annex
Canada: Above the USA
USA: EEUU (Yankees' Land)
Mexico & Central America: Where all the dubbed movies [And Telenovelas] come from.
Colombia/Venezuela: Where all the "white stuff" (and the weed) comes from.
Ecuador/Peru/Bolivia: The cleaning ladies.
Paraguay: Cheap DVD players, Mp3 players, brand-name shoes, and anything you can think of.
Chile: So much envy.
Argentina: ARGENTINA
Falkland Islands (AKA Malvinas): Those Islands are Argentines(!!!)
Uruguay: Another Argentine province.
Brazil: (Party Land)
Guyana: Guyana plus 3
Greenland: ???
Spain/Italy/France/UK: "In case of emergency go there"
Germany: Nazis' land
Denmark/Finland/Norway/Sweden: Tons of tall blond people
Russia: That place where the guards have funny hats and they can't move (or that's the UK? Not sure)
Japan: Look-a-like people with picture cameras
Australia: Kangaroos boxing
India & China: Mini markets Owners
Middle East: Kamikaze Turkish
Africa: Naked ladies on the National Geographic...

Alright! That pretty much was a waist of time and I'm pretty sure it killed some of your neurons... but hey! You can actually come to Argentine and see our definition of beauty and tasty food, and we can promise a heart attack (but a happy one)

Definition of beauty according to Argentines:

Northeast Argentina (Iguazu Falls)

Northwest Argentina (Salta)

Center -Midwest North Argentina (Cordoba)

Center -Midwest South- Argentina (La Pampa)

West Argentina - Patagonia (Perito Moreno)

Southwest Argentina (Andes)

South Argentina- Like really really South (Usuahia: AKA End of The World)

South East Argentina (Peninsula de Valdez)

Mideast Argentina -Atlantic Coast (Mar del Plata)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Heart attack

Still wondering about the Argentine Pride?

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