"Quiero I-pad!"

January 27, 2009
Salt Lake City, Utah

"New iPad from Apple"

"Last time there was so much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it."

Mac CEO, Steve Jobs, about the new iPad

before anyhting, remeber, my birthday is in march, I I accept late gifts :-)Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, finally unveiled what is known as "iPhone on steroids," the long waited Apple iPad during an event today. The Apple iPad release date is set to April 2010.

The Apple iPad offers a very nice presentation layout, and a large on-board keyboard will appear when you need to enter text. iPad will be available as an accessory, offering a full-size traditional keyboard for those who need that.

Of course, eReaders will never look the same after you've seen what type of content the Apple iPad can offer. There's also a new iBook Store, which will basically compete directly with certain other eBook stores out there.

Price and availability

The Apple iPad 3G models will start shipping in the U.S. and selected countries in April 2010 ($630 for 16GB version, $730 for 32GB, and $830 for 64GB).

mmmm I want it!

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