"They looked awesome on camera..."

Rexburg, ID
July 2009

Thise semester I got the chance to be part of I-News, the school News channel. Most of what I did was for I-News in Spanish.

(If you want to see these videos look for I-News in your I-tune store)

Weatherman (Meteorologo)
My last assignment for I-News were to be the Weatherman, and do a minute run on the food segment of the show.

(I was a little nervous and the camera was too low, so I looked taller)

(I just didn't know what to say... and I didn't know what to do with my left arm)

I have much more respect for the weather people now. It’s not that easy. The food part of the show was funny though.

Latin Flavor: Empanadas
The show has a segment dedicated to show how to prepare some latin dishes... I was asked to show how to prepare Empanadas.

I made my roommates and some friends come and help me cook some Empanadas.

I didn’t use tapas for Empanadas so they were really hard. They looked awesome on camera or on the pictures...

(If you didn't know these are Empanadas and normally they are delicious)

...but they were hard as a rock.

My segment supposed to be just for one minute so I went thru it really fast. The anchor women made a mistake of trying the Empanada before closing the show.

She couldn’t talk and it was really awkward. The minute the show was over the entire studio exploded laughing.

Too funny.

(Here goes the sequence of the Empanada fiasco)

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