"John is Back!"

Mink Creek, ID
December 26, 2009

Christmas day (or Jesusmas, how people here say it to honor my Spanish background) was great. I got a lot of presents (that’s always awesome), I saw some goose hibernating, I saw a bold eagle (My first time), I ate a lot of food, and I simply feel great.

(Relaxing in Mink Creek, Idaho)

I love coming to Mink Creek, Idaho. I had a blast. Every time I come here I feel like I recharge my batteries and I get ready to fight my battles again in the real world.

The Larsen is a family that I feel as my own. I love them and they make me feel I belong with them. I am always welcome and it’s not awkward to be me around them.

He is back
This next year is coming, once again with a lot of changes. For starters John is Back! And we are going to be roommates again.

(Well, Just in case you can't spot him, John the one in the middle)

My friend John and I were roommates for about a year in 2007. He was the center of so many stories that if I tell it nobody would even believe it. John is a character, but he certainly makes every situation something interesting.

He assured me he is a changed man. Well, we'll find out, don't we.

We are going to live in some cool apartments in downtown (block away from temple square, AKA My work place)

(North Gate to Temple Square, Salt Lake City)

Love Affair
I got a camera for Christmas and I am lovin’ it. It took me forever to realize that it was real yet it felt natural to touch it curves and push it buttons... Yes, I am having an affair with my camera and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I took some pictures to try my camera out and here they are, tell me watcha think k?




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