"Are you coming?"

Well, a lot have been said about Brigham Young University-Idaho, even by me. And it's true, being a BYU-Idaho student requires a lot from you.

I think I understand why now. And it's funny that it's being away from the school that I've come to such realization.

The minute I stepped out of Rexburg, the name of the School came with me.

(BYU - Idaho / Spori Building - Communications Department)

When I applied for jobs, or I was being introduced to someone my title was 'a BYU-Idaho Student.'

I think... (and if you know how I ended up here you'll understand why I think this) I think the Lord brought me here for a reason, a reason beyond my understanding.

The mission of the school is to train future leaders of the nation (and why not, the world). Being a leader is not easy and requires a lot from you. As the 'over-said' phrase says “I didn’t say it would be easy, I said it would be worth it..”

We'll see

BYU-Idaho Promotional Video from BYU-Idaho on Vimeo.

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