Every day I run from work to class. (It takes me 10 min to get from one place to another)

Today I was overloaded with work AND homework.


(BYU Idaho Spori Building)

While I was doing my job I was thinking about my homework.

I look at the time and I realized that it was almost time to go to class so I hurried, finished my job really fast and literally run to class which was in the computer lab.

I was a few minutes late.

I harried to seat into one of the empty computers and start doing the assignment.

When I was almost done I said a funny comment about the assignment.

Nobody laughed.

I looked at the guy seated next to me and I noticed that I’ve never seen him before.

I looked around me and I realized that I was not in my class!!!!!

hahahaha how funny is that?!

without knowing I left (an hour) early from work and went to some class… and I didn’t noticed it until 45 min later.

It’s school making me dumber??


Something funny:

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