Buenos Aires empty: Argentina vs Uruguay on TV

On a normal Wednesday-day one could read on the Argentine Newspaper about the chaos of the traffic in the Buenos Aires streets. Either for a strike (from some activist group complaining about something, usually about the current government, or complaining because there is no jobs in Malasia-For real- in Malasia) or the traffic could be chaotic because of a daily fatal accident.

However today is not a normal day, today Argentina national futbol team plays against Uruguay to see if Argentina will be going to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

So today the streets look like these:

"Como si fuera domingo, las calles del centro porteño lucen prácticamente vacías. Es que minutos después de las 19, las pocas personas que quedaban por la zona entraron a los bares y confiterías para seguir por televisión las instancias del partido de Argentina y Uruguay."

Normally, is like this:


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