August 10, 2009

My HP laptop and my Nikon camera broke, both in the same week. I understand that I shouldn’t be saddened because of material things but I am not going to lie: It made me sad.
Mainly because I know that I won’t be able to get another camera or laptop anytime soon.

This morning I woke up camera-less and laptop-less. I was already home-less, Job-less, money-less and was starting to wonder if I was also future-less.(And… I was planning to go on a road trip to Michigan that I had to cancel (Road Trip-Less?) and my search for Sponsors/funds for next school semester are currently in zero dollars (School-less?)

I was staying over my friend Ryan B.’s house, wondering… thinking, what was it that I could do to overcome this situation. There had to be something I could do. I didn’t think God would go to so much trouble to get me here to then not have choices before finishing school.

Last night I laid on the carpet of my friend’s living room for hours just staring at the ceiling, just thinking. (My friend Ryan B. might have thought I was crazy, but he didn’t dare to bug me)

Many friends called and advice and revise possible options. Maybe there where things I was doing wrong, maybe there were things that I was not doing, period.

Possibility (less?)
The possibility of me going back home was also an option. I could go back home (All expenses covered by my parents, who would be more than happy to do it just to have their lost son back under their roof) I could do my internship there, live there until January and then come back.

It sounds awesome. It really does. But what if when I go back to the embassy to re-apply for my student visa they deny it to me? It is very unlikely they would deny it. But the International Office always says that there is a tiny one percept chance that they would.

I’ve always known that the visa was mistakenly granted to me in the first place, so I don’t think I should gamble with my luck... Right?

And also, how I could make my parent pay for me to come home? No way. I was not completely overwhelmed by my problems yet. I could do more… I can do more.

Bright morning
This morning I went to the LDS Business College, where I could use computers and I started fixing my resume and sending out e-mails. Then I visited my ex-boss, Louise B., and I told her, “I need and Internship”

She walked with me to a seminar that was currently going on at the auditorium of the LDS Business College and introduced me to Steven A., the Director of Career Services of the School. He mentioned that he just got news about some opening for the media department of the C.O.B at Temple Square.
I don’t know if this will come to anything, but it is a reassuring feeling that the main things that I need to succeed in life I have plenty: God, family, friends.

(I am not God-less, I am not family-less, and I am not friend-less.)

…I am back in Salt Lake City, Utah. I had a lot of posts written (mostly in Spanish) lined up to be published before this one but my laptop broke down holding hostage all my written posts and the pictures from some trips I did and also, as I said, my camera broke too, so I don’t think I will post pictures or Spanish posts for a while.


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