My Love/hate BYU-Idaho relationship

(COMM 340 Topic: make a list of pet peeves from your experience of living/studying at BYU-Idaho)

Brigham Young University-Idaho (also known as BYU–Idaho or BYU–I) is a very conservative 4-year private University owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

For the last few years BYU-I has become very popular between Idahoans and especially by LDS Church members from all around the US

BYU-Idaho’s Dean is Kim B. Clark, former Dean of the Harvard Business School.

BYU-Idaho is becoming known by the unique three-track semester system, the LDS environment, high standard education, the honor code, all the construction going on since it became BYU-Idaho in 2001 (The new auditorium will hold up to 15,000 students), and for being one of the cheapest competitive universities in the US.

As a student I can say that BYU-Idaho is great. I love its facilities, especially the gym and the swimming pool. I love the LDS Environment and the unique culture that Rexburg has. I also love the location: an hour away from wonderful places such as mesa falls, Yellowstone NP, the Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, and the Snake River.

There are those little things though that some times gets into my nerves. Like the lack of diversity, in most classes I am the only student that is not white. (In fact in my school ward I am the only one who is not white.)

There is only one Movie Theater in Rexburg called The Rex. It’s comparable to a bad dollar-movie Theater in a most cities, however they charge you like if their screens or facilities were good.

Also the movies that they offer will never be rated R. That might be good for most, but for some reason it bugs me.

It is hard (if not impossible) to find a good place to eat in Rexburg.

The honor code is an amazing and inspired part of the BYU-Idaho experience created to allow non-LDS student to live according to the Church standards. However the eagerness of BYU-Idaho of “raising the bar” created some rules that go beyond the LDS standards like No shorts, no sandals, no pajamas, curfews, no hats, etc. Going to the extreme of blocking websites and TV channels that the University conceders inappropriate. (As 2008 Honor Code, MTV and VH1 was in the written list of the University’s No-no’s)

Also part of the Honor code is the Church attendance. (If you don’t like to go to Church, don’t come to BYU-Idaho, this is not the place for you) I feel this is good actually, but I understand why someone might think that all this rules could be banish away my freedom to choose.

I do understand the purpose of these rules, I do, and I think is fantastic what one can become if one follows the spirit of it. But still …

Last but not least, I think is funny (not bad, but funny) that most students are younger than 25 but still 75% is married and with kids.

(Update: I jut read this out loud and it sounds like a harsh long list. It was hard for me to think in things I dislike about this University and I did try to be picky and over sensitive about those little things that some times makes me ask “why?”)

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