My last holiday

(COMM 340 Topic: If you could go only one more vacation in our lifetime, where would you go, and why?)

I love traveling. I love going to new places. I can’t say that enough. Love it.

I had the opportunity to visit many wonderful places already.

I visited almost every major city and touristic site in the US (including LDS Church sites).

I went to all major cities in Argentina and Paraguay. And I can say I know a lot of most touristic places in the entire world (that someday I will visit)

I feel happy when I arrive to a new city, town or site. I am always eager to explore, talk to people, and know more.

I went to most places alone or with friends and I always had a lot of fun.

But at the end of the day, in every single one of my many travelings, I wished I were there with my family. With My mom, my dad, my sister, and my brothers.

I always say to myself “My brother would love to be here” or “If my mom were here she would be so happy!”

So all I have to say is where ever I am, if I am with my family, I would be happiest man on earth.

And since it would be my last vacation ever, I would choose to take them to the happiest place on earth where all dreams become true (That is DisneyWorld, and not Denmark nor Canada*)

* According to a scientific study by Leicester University in England, Denmark and Canada are the happiest countries in the world.

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