Saddam Hussein killed Live!

US is taking its troops away from Iraq... i guess Iraq has to learn how to be independent from now on... It's going to be a long and hard road for them.

(COMM 340 Topic: Would you watch a video of Saddam Hussein being killed?)

When that happened I actually came across that link and I remember thinking how cruel is to film a person being killed and even worse to joke about it.

I just don’t know what was the deal with him and the US. Many people started saying different stories so I didn’t know what was the real reason of that war.

Yes, I know that he was a dictator, and that he did awful things to the people in Iraq but still I thought it was cruel to show that video.

So, my answer is no, I wouldn’t watch it. And if for some reason I choose to watch it I still would say and think that is wrong.

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