Poetic Conversation

May 02, 2009


O. Hernan said: “Casey!!!! I am bored!!! Come visit! Forget kenya, come to Rexburg!”

Pappas said: “Oh Hernan
How I wish I could truly go
Back to Rexburg and to the snow
To see my friends and hang out, you know!

But alas Kenya has called me away from thee
To go across a foreign sea
And so I go, but I will always be
Your Pappas, or rather...Casey Marie :)

No worries I’m only a phone call away
Not that you call me, but it's okay
In Kenya I won't have a phone anyway
But an email or two would be just Grea...t

Okay, i kind of failed on the last rhyme...but that's just what I do :) ...fail at poetry that is, I hope you have a great day, and find something to do so you aren't bored...although it's kind of nice to be missed :D”

O. Hernan said: “Hello,
I read in Facebook the poem you wrote,
Here goes my answer posted as a note.

But before I start writing
this sum... mary,
I must say,
I like better “Pappas” than the name: “Casey Marie.”

Because usually I don’t
Doesn’t mean I wont

Don’t be like the cattle that can’t wait their hay
Call you I will... some day

“Before I'll call you,”
I remember to say
“I’ll wait for the Rexburg sky not more to be gray”

Because I’m old
Doesn’t mean I am bold,
but I am brave, or at least, that's what I've been told.

But again,
Because I’m old
Doesn’t mean I am bold,
I remind me every day
Not to do something stupid just to prove I am brave
Something that would send me straight to my grave.

Like jumping from a cliff
Or fighting an aggressive thief

Talking about a daily grieve
You took something away from me.

Something important
Something, which use was constant.
Something I got used to appreciate
Something I usually tend to hate.

When there are options, decide can be harder
Back to Rexburg you could come and no go farther
But you were smarter!
And chose your dream of becoming a helper and a trav’ler.

Up to Kenya I heard you'll depart soon.
Remember my advice and for no reason calm your thirst with their water
I heard it’d make you never witness again the moon.
Or hug again home, your mom or your father.

Au revoir,
Chau, farewell and good bye,
Take tons of pictures and don’t let the bugs bite
I’m sure we’ll see each other again so there is not need to cry
If is not here on earth it’ll be later,

After we die.”

Pappas said: “This is probably the most incredible poem I have gotten
it does not stink nor is it rotten

And believe you me, I get poems a plenty
But poems like this one i have not any... Read More

Now if you wait to call until the sky is not gray
I will not hold my breath, but perhaps i may pray

Now about your age, you must have no fear
Remember you're only 23 now my dear

And now DOWN to Kenya I go, safe i promise I'll be
But when i come back i might not be the same me
Better i hope more experienced, more free

But Hernan, I don't like the (poem’s) end
I plan to see you in THIS life again,
My most amazing (and humble) my dear, sweet friend.”

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