I don’t speak Spanish (I speak Castellano) PART III

June 13, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah--Someone I noticed about Americans is that they are very good on setting people up… I’ve been in many, many blind dates…

Some times is funny to see what your friends are trying to set you up with… (Like, are you serious?)

What are my “BUTs”?

When describing the date they always leave the “BUTs” out… like “She is very nice, she likes to have fun, and she is very independent” (leaving out the... But she is completely obsessed with cats and she smells like cat-pooh)

Get it? You wouldn’t tell your friend the “But” part because you are trying to SALE the date so the smart thing to do is to omit certain things…

A blind date has two ways… and I wondered again: What Are MY “Buts”?

I asked my closest friends what were my “Buts” and the most popular answers were “He is poor,” and “He is a foreigner.”

Obviously being poor is deal-breaker for many girls, but I was surprised to hear that being foreigner would be a big deal for some people.

My friend Miriam explained, “I would hate to set you up with my friend because I think you are great, BUT you could take my other 'great' friend away from me… so I wouldn't loose one great friend when you go back to Argentina, but two great friends”

I think that is understandable... who would want to loose a friend, or a daughter for that matter... like my bishop, someone who we always go to have advice from, said, “Culture differences between you and American girls are huge… Le’me tell’ya... I would hate to see my daughter go far away from me… so maybe you should date someone from your own culture.. Like this girl from… El Salvador”

El Salvador?... What?

El Salvador is like...far from Argentina (Central America!)

North Americans share the same culture as do South Americans… Fact? Chileans, Uruguayans, and my friend Canada (Chris) disagree.

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