I don’t speak Spanish (I speak Castellano) PART II

June 13, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah--Some times I feel that the only fact that I am an Argentine make people want to talk to me in what they think is “Spanish”.


That’s fine… I like meeting people, however, some times it's annoying when they insist in talking to me in a not so good “Spanish.”

You might think I am being stupid and rude since when I came here not knowing English that well I “demanded” patience...

But that’s the thing, I new then what I know now: That talking to someone who doesn’t understand me is frustrating and annoying.

I think is cool they are trying to learn Spanish. But knowing how to say “Hola” is not enough to establish a long conversation. (“Long” meaning me spending 5 minutes trying to explain why saying ‘ola’ is the correct way of saying ‘hello’ and not ‘(J-H)olla’

(This book has all the answers to your questions, I promise)

From now on I'll just say I don't speak Spanish (I speak Castellano) and that's that.

(to be continued)

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