I don’t speak Spanish (I speak Castellano) PART I

June 13, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah-- I am bored and I want to practice my Lengua Inglesa (English) so I started to write about some ‘interesting’ things that happened to me… so if you are in the mood for reading, here it goes:

Latino vs Hispanic (Vs Argentines?)

Some people always describe me as Latino… and I always wondered what does the term “Latino” means… am I Latino or Hispanic?

In High School I learned that being Latino was being part of Latin America… but in the US it seems to have a completely different meaning. It’s being Latino being from a different race? Or is being Latino someone who speaks Spanish? Or from South America?

But then again, many people here think that Mexico is not part of North America so… What can you do… right?

Many Argentines don't consider themselves Latinos anyway... What are we? We are Argentines...

(To be continued)

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