Buenos Aires in 48 Hours

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina-- The controversial TV Network Aljazeera aired a show about a girl who spent 48 hours in Buenos Aires showing the multiple sides of the Paris of South America.

VIDEO ONE: The "Underclass"

In this episode of 48, Amanda and the crew travel through the Argentinean capital, Buenos Aires, on a journey from the shanty towns to the most chic areas.

The local guide, Macarena, explains how the financial crisis of 2001 affected ordinary Argentinians, and shows up how they adapted to changed economic climate. She takes us to a workers co-operative formed when they broke into Hotel Bauen after management closed the doors.

Macarena takes Amanda to meet Maira and Edith, working class turned members of the underclass, who are among Buenos Aires 'cartoneros,' people who sift through rubbish to find recyclable materials. After their 'shift' Maira takes the 48 crew to a nightclub playing 'Cumbia Villera', a controversial form of Colombian folk music born from the poverty of the slums, and scorned by the middle classes. Watch


VIDEO TWO: The "Beautiful" class

48 heads to Palermo, chic hangout of Buenos Aires' rich and famous.

At Café Vain, we meet writer Gonzalo Otalora who thinks attractive people should pay more tax, and takes us on a hunt for "beautiful people" to make his case.

Traumatised by a morning surrounded by gorgeousness, Gonzalo then accompanies us to meet art therapist Luis Formaiano, who trained during the 1970s, when psychotherapists were among those 'disappeared' by the paranoid military junta. Luis tells us why he thinks Buenos Aires now boasts more psychotherapists per capita than anywhere in the world.

Macarena explores Argentina's football mania on a trip to a premiership club where we meet third generation Banfield fan Pasty - who swears his blood is not red, but made of team colours green and white. Watch


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