Blunt H

(COMM 340 Topic: Self Introduction)

I supposed I have to introduce myself now.

I want to do it in a creative way because I think I am a creative person. My name is Orlando Hernan... My family and friends call me by my middle name, Hernan. Hernan is spelled H-E-R-N-A-N. The H is silent though.

Well, that wasn’t creative at all, was it? I just didn't want to show off... I think I am down to earth, easygoing, a simple but complicated guy. Though, for someone who thinks is “Down to earth” I seem to be living always in a cloud.

I am from a country named Argentina. Argentina is the last piece of continental land man could find. I love Argentina. I think Argentina is a summary of all the wonders the world can offer. I really love Argentina.

What else can I say? I have some unique things that makes me- me. The one that most people notice first is that I am blunt.

I disagree, I am just honest... For some reason, in this culture, being honest is being blunt, and lying is being polite. Messed up.

I can make really-really cool noises with my cheek. It would definitely impress you.

I look like I am 20-25 years old.

I'm really good at making you think that I know what I am talking about... Really.

I always say that I speak four languages, but I actually just speak two fluently. English is one of them by the way.

I tan really fast. I am actually naturally tan in winter and I glow in the summer.

Before I came to the US I never EVER did my bed, used a dishwasher, did my laundry, or drove a car.

I think Napoleon Dynamite is a dumb movie.

I don't tip well.

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