Age shame (The big lie) PART II

May 2, 2009

REXBURG, Idaho—I moved! My new apartment is closer to campus, but is not as cool as my former apartment.

I miss how clean it was. I guess I would have to wait and get used to the new roommates.

Generally, the average age of Rexburg’s students is 18 to 24.

My new roommate Chris (who I call Canada) is going to be 28 pretty soon.

We were talking to the girls from our new FHE 'family'

(My awesome FHE 'Family')

One of them asked Canada how old he was.

He, embarrassed, said: “I am old”

“How old?” asked curios, one of the girls.

“I am going to be ‘28’ next week,” replied he.

All of them agreed that 28 wasn’t that bad

One of them added, “At least you are not 29 or even 30!”

And one other girl said “Once I had a roommate who was 29… that’s old, so you have a year left to call yourself Old”

“And you Hernan?” one asked, “How old are you?”

I stayed quite for a little bit and with out thinking I lied “I am 24

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