Women (Wow men)

My friend Miriam started a topic that I would like to post about: Who gets better treatment from society men or women?

In this society, today, 2009, what is harder? to be a man, or a woman?

Some (women) tried to say that being a woman can be hard but “oh boy, guys have to do all the (hard) work…”

So society makes it hard for women because for guys is expected to be hard already?

Well, this is how I see it:

Being a woman seems tough. I mean… the entire pre-during-post pregnancy thing, and the sensitivity and insecurities and the need to prove the world that they are independent and self efficient…

All the yelling and the none-sense they can do are almost unbearable.

The ‘period’ and its reactions toward themselves and others!!!

The cheesiness and contradictions that they expect from everyone else is a nut case.

All the “society” standards of beauty that are dictated by magazines and TV Shows ran by other women that tells the rest female world what is cool and what is not these days…

All the required makeup, hair salon hours, nail polishing, skin care, painful hair removal and of course: expensive shoes and purses. (Or clothing in general)

And don’t even get me started with the personal products they use (or suppose to use) for their personal hygiene.

Not just singles women… married women are worse! They are more obsessed trying to look stunning…

For those who do not look great is because they have better things to do, like take care of their babies, or the house, or their husbands, or whatever.

For some women though, that is too much work already, so they hire another woman (from another race or country) to clean the house, cook and/or take care of the baby (ies).

Women seem to hate each other.

They gossip about each other, they criticize each other, envy and judge each other. (But they love that, they enjoy being observed, judged and criticized… that’s why they do it, because they know the other girls love it too)

What makes woman's world something hard are other women.

So there you go: being a woman sucks.

Being a guy it’s much easier, no doubt about it.

Less clothing to choose from… but more women to choose from (There are 7 women for each man in this world)

We get better jobs, and better pays. And better offices and opportunities.

We don’t care… about caring…period.

Maybe we do care about some stuff, but it's not OK to share… so we just don’t care. (Maybe we would care if someone tells us to care)

We get to be presidents, governors, missionaries, mission presidents, bishops, leaders, bosses, and even prophets, more often than women.

We do go to work, and it’s true, work can be hard… but is not really… you know why? Because we just don’t care.

You know what the hard part of being a man is? The woman. (Can’t live with them either with out’em)

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