Age shame (The burning lie) PART I

May 2, 2009

REXBURG, Idaho—I went to a bonfire! Kate (Patrick’s friend) invited me to this cool Gun-shooting Barbecue Bonfire night.

It was really fun.

The place where we started our bond fire was on a place called Beaver deck where several other bonfires were taking place.

People (and by that I mean a lot of people), mostly college students (And by that I mean BYU-Idaho students) were doing bonfire humping (and by that I mean going from bonfire to bonfire mingling and starting conversations.)

It was really cold. People were smooching together around the fire, talking and introducing themselves.

One time a bunch a girls came where I was and started talking to me. One of them asked me how old I was.

The question took me by surprise (who actually starts a conversation asking the age of the other person? Right?)

I took two years off from my real age and I say I was 27 (I don’t know why I did that)
So, one of the obviously (WAY) younger girls said: “Oh, ok.. We’re gonna go that way, k? Talks to you later”

(Funny… but Ouch)

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