Meet Casey

April 3, 2009 at 2:30 am

REXBURG, Idaho-- I want to introduce to you one of my favorites person in Rexburg, Idaho: Casey Pappas!


It’s kind of hard to describe why she is so awesome… So I would let her make an impression on you…

Today I was away from my computer and my facebook was On, and she said this:

Casey says:“Hernaaaaaaan i’m bored and i don’t want to be in class and there is nobody to talk to …

Casey says: not even you… :’(

Casey says::’( it’s okay…i should probably be paying attention anyway you really shouldn’t get on facebook and then leave your computer…

Casey says: of course, i am a complete hypocrite when i say that :)

Casey says: :) wow…i am having a complete conversation with myself kind of embarrassing considering you are going to read all of this and know that i just had a complete conversation with myself alright…i’m done…

Casey says: it was nice talking to…me”


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