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REXBURG, Idaho– A few minutes ago I was watching this documentary about a lioness that adopted a baby antelope - a baby oryx.heart-lioness

The news was so rare that the people from villages of Kenya’s Samburu National Park came in hundreds to see it with their own eyes.

They baptized the lioness ‘Kamuniak,’ whose name means “the blessed one” in the local Samburu language

One of the elders said that this is a huge event and he would tell the story to his children and they will tell the story to their children, and so on.


A few years later the famous lioness disappeared and the new born story says that she will come when the earth is born again next to the creator.

Of Course this story inspired many, some artists explained this phenomeno with poems and drawings:

The Oryx and the Lioness

(By Sabertooth)

Young oryx and her lioness arose
And stretched. Our distant ken then dimly yawned:
Her orphan had no dam… Yet, love? God knows.
We smiled that cat and kid had purred and fawned.

She hearkened to the antelope as hers,
A roar of Judah’s past and future fleece.
Deep in the darkest countenance, what stirs?
What breath behooves ferocious hearts to peace?

Their paths now crossed, her oryx at her side,
The lioness approached the pond to drink.
But nature’s other hungers crouch and hide;
In underbrush, a fateful pride may slink..

By other jaws, her oryx lamb was met…
Isaiah’s oracle is not quite yet.


This is not the first time that a Safari turned up to be a valuable lesson for life.

Battle at Kruger

Last year a baby buffalo escaped from the attack of lions and a crocodile with the help of its friends.

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