Fungus Psilocybin (Magic Shrooms)

April 17, 2008
Salt Lake CIty, Utah

I came home one day and ate some left over of the remaining ‘Chow Mein’ that were in the kitchen. My roommate (the junkie) got mad at me for eating his food but he started laughing.

He explained that he put Mushrooms in the food. I didn’t understand but still I started to freak out!

After a while I thought that I was immune to that kind of stuff because nothing was happening but just in case I decided to get out of the house.


Jon took me to my friends Paola’s apartment (who was out of town) and kept me there for the rest of the night.

It was the most ‘interesting’ experience I ever had.

I got the burning sensation of my body, everything felt well and plus I saw colors and skeletons talking to me.

Definitely that was an experience I’ll never forget.

I told my mom

I told my mom. She told me that drugs are addictive, not because it feels bad, but the opposite. She told me that I have to be very careful now… (Scary!)

I told every body, and they just laugh at me. Some told me that they would pay to see me high.


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Amber: "Thats so f***d up I would lose it on my roomate but I bet it was a hell of a trip :)" Amber"

Sol: "I would pay...PAY! to see you like that"

miriam "That is terrible. poor you. and i’m mad at your roommate."

Leana: "maybe miriam is right… it’s terrible, but on the other hand it is so funny!!! I know I would feel terible if something like that would happen to me, so I’m glad that you see it as a positive thing… it is deffinetely a good story!!!:)"

Asdf: "why the hell would you tell your mom…"

Kwin: "Dude are you kidding me that would be awesome i wish my roommate would put shrooms in his food life would be good"

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